Mendong Jaya, CV offers a wide range of home & office accent products from mendong, pandanus, and rattan. All are made with an internal commitment to reduce environmental impact as well as maintain a sustainable rural ecosystem.
Mendong Jaya, CV is located in the heart of handicraft manufacturing in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. The company employs local adult workers that are given flexible schedule, fair wages and healthy working environment. Moreover, the company uses local raw material as well as practicing eco-friendly production process.
One of the highlight of the product design is the percentage of rapidly renewable resources content, a critical factor to nation due to limited availability of resources. The mendong, one of the company’s most rapidly renewable materials is cultivated and harvested in a sustainable way which are not only benefit to preserve the natural landscape and fertility of soil but also generate more income to the villagers that enable them to sustain their livelihood.


Made from the beauty of local rapidly renewable resources, the company produces various distinctive products such as stool and drawer, boxes and storages, place mats and many others. The high standard of products quality and time delivery are mainly the company’s concerns. Some awards, both national (i.e. Indonesian