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CV Mendong Jaya presents high class quality home décor items that can meet the needs of any global market. Made from only the finest raw materials of mendong or fimbris Umbrellaris, pandan or Pandanus and Water Hyacinth, our products are guaranteed to give a modern touch to any space you needed.

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Mendong Jaya Indonesia

Making a good quality Local Product that ready to export with a determination to move forward and become a receptacle of Local Community with the goal to become a company that can emerge the global market.

  • Provide the best quality standards
  • Providing the best service to Local or nterlocal buyers
  • Make the target as a reference in responsibility to the company
  • Make a company with a good governance
  • Create a company able to grow in the global market
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The Mendong Story

established since 1994

Mendong Jaya was established since 1994 in rural Tasikmalaya, West Java. This company is engaged in handicrafts that process raw materials into finished products with a process that is still traditional by using a loom as one of the manufacturing processes for mendong or Fimbris Umbrellaris products. This company presents high quality products such as Home décor, Hospitality, Stationary, Hotel accessories etc., which are more attractive and have different designs.

  • Main Factory of raw material preparation and the production process

  • Main Factory of raw material preparation and the production process

  • Main Factory raw material preparation and weaving production proce

Raw Materials

Our story begins in 1994 in pagergunung Village, Tasikmalaya, and West Java. One of the city where handicraft developed rapidly in Indonesia. CV. Mendong Jaya was founded by Zaenal Mutaqin. The name Mendong itself comes from of the Mendong plant or Fimbris Umbrellaris atype of grass that lives in swamps. Mendong used for tikar or traditional rug style since 1980 become a must have item for every home and main additional income for most of villagers. For many years weaving a mendong not only a mandong for handicraft but also for life and tradition.

Mendong or Fimbris Umbrellaris

1 Raw Materials

Pandan or Pandanus

2 Raw materials

Water Hyacinth

3 Raw Materials

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