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Mendong (Fimbristylis Umbrellaris) is a kind of grass that lives in swamps.

Mendong plant have a long dense trunk structure with a height 20-120 cm with a diameter of 1-5 cm. Mendong grows in China, India, Malaysia. In Indonesia, Mendong almost grow in all areas that have a swamps environment, irrigated rice field. Mendong can be sickled after 3,5-4,5 months and after one month it will grow back and can be harvested without having to replant. This cycle repeats up to 5 times in 2 years.

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In Tasikmalaya Mendong plants thrive to supply 50% of the needs of Mendong for West Java.

Because of this abundant material. Mendon has since 1980 become the main raw material for mat crafts thar are typical of Tasikmalaya. Over time, Mendong is used not only for mats but also a cover for boxes, placemat, storage, slippers, bag etc.,