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Raw Materials

Pandan or Pandanus is a tree-like plant or shrub that has wide branches with a height 3-7 meters and sometimes has many stems,

Pandanus grows on the coasts of many tropical regions such as East Africa, southeast Asia. Australia and Pasific Islands. Pandan has at least 600 species throughout the world. Pandan is used for various things such as fragrant pandanus. For Fragrance, coloring, and decoration components. Red fruit comes from the island of Papua which is used as a medicine or supplement. Pandan Duri is widely used as raw material for matting.

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Thorny Pandan consists of several varieties, namely pandanus tanned for matting.

 Pandan sari is widely used to cover the edges of the plait. pandan Jaran for rough webbing because the leaf is rather stiff and has yellowish spots. Foremost the weaving pandanus that is used is dried the sun, the tidied before weaving it into sheets measurinf 50×50 cm. These sheets are then processed again to be tge end resultcraft such as binders, boxes or bag etc.,